What is a Care Farm?

A Care Farm uses the therapeutic effects of nature to promote health and social care as well as mental health and well-being.

Care Farming is special in that there is a purpose behind it; those who attend and participate make meaningful contributions to the farm while enjoying the benefits of nature and the joy of caring for our cast of characters here – the animals.

In my mind, this can be hard to explain. For me personally, I get so much joy from a day on the farm than a day spent doing much else.

Caring for the animals and helping create the dream of what this farm is meant to be, and even the messy truth that a farm has an abundance of…well, poop…is all part of it. Caring for things like the animals and the garden ends up helping me to care for myself.

About Me

My name is Ally Kennedy, and Grateful Acres is my dream coming true.

After the loss of my parents and during a pandemic I found that every morning while in the barn caring for the horse, Miss Coolie, I felt at peace. Breathing with her and having the calm wash over me was like my own kind of therapy. I also knew that I wanted to do something to honor my parents, I knew I wanted to reach out and help others who may also be struggling.

What started with the smell of a horse’s breath and four little Silkie chickens has since grown into a farm of beautiful animals and a Care Farm for the people.

A Care Farm is a type of therapeutic experience promoting healing and mental health, through farming practices such as tending to the animals or simply walking in the garden.

I want to help spread positivity and joy and help people remember that we all have something to be Grateful for.

Our Team

Because team work makes the dream work! Meet the wonderful staff behind the success of Grateful Acres.

Allyson Kennedy

Founder & CEO

Jason S.

Vice President

Melanie T.


Sueann H.


Ashley M.

General Manager

William “Billy” W.

Project Manager

Visits and Volunteers

We offer the opportunity to visit the farm, to utilize it’s resources and (whether independently or supported) promote overall health, mental health, and well-being. We also offer opportunities for those looking for a more hands on “therapy” through volunteering! There is a lot that can be gained from hands in the dirt and taking care of the animals, farm and garden…while taking care of yourself!


“As the mother of a child with autism and severe anxiety comes with many challenges, but on rare occasions you come across someone who truly makes a difference in your lives. Ally and Grateful Acres have become that difference in my daughter’s life and our families. Walking into Grateful Acres the first time was an awesome experience and then you meet Ally who welcomes you in and makes you feel part of her family. This has been the first time my daughter has asked to continue something because, for the first time, she felt part of it. This farm has become therapeutic for my daughter and to see her truly happy has made this momma’s heart explode with happiness. Feeding the animals, petting them, and caring for them has given her purpose. We couldn’t be more “Grateful” for everything this farm has to offer and how it welcomes everyone. I commend Ally for her passion in raising awareness of the importance of Mental Health which is so extremely important in the world today. We love you Ally and Grateful Acres!!”

- The Vendrick Family

“An amazing farm with an impossibly passionate host! Ally’s love for her animals and farming is shared through the guided experience of how her farm works, how to interact with the animals, and getting to give them some treats!!! With chicken eggs for sale, and her collaborative support with other local businesses, Grateful Acres is the family farm you’ve always dreamed you could experience!”

- Ashley M.

“Beautiful serene Farm with wonderful owners. Highly recommend!!!”

- Michele A.

“Love visiting Grateful Acres! It’s a relaxing way to spend a day.”

- Kari W. S.

“BEST PLACE EVER!!!….as long as my mom can come too”

- Malcolm

“Grateful Acres is a place you can go to enjoy the tranquility of nature and joy of interacting with all the animals. I love helping with feeding and watering. The best part is interacting with the animals and getting to know their personalities. I always feel better after spending time at the farm!”

- Karla

“After a long week at work, going grocery shopping and doing the every day things, there’s no better place to volunteer than Grateful Acres. Once you get there, you immediately start to release any tension or anxiety. Watching the animals feeding and waking up brings so much joy. All of the animals are so happy to see you and you’re happy to see them too. It doesn’t matter what chores you’re assigned that day to help with just being there you know how much better you feel. Animals don’t care what clothes you wear or car you drive they are happy to see you.  Spending time at Grateful Acres lets you really understand how happy it makes you to be there. I always feel so much better after a day on the farm. It grounds me and reminds me of how grateful I am.”

- Loree R.

“Ally and Grateful Acres has been such a blessing to me and my two boys. We have been volunteering weekly for a little over a year and cherish every moment spent there. The animals are wonderful, it’s a beautiful place to be and the boys are learning the value of hard work and helping others. More than anything though, Ally is the highlight of Grateful Acres. She is one of the most amazing people I have known. There is light and goodness surrounding her and being there at her farm, with her, brings us such peace and such joy. My boys and I suffer from anxiety, among other issues, and it really does do us a world of good to be there and to help Ally in any way we can. I am beyond grateful to her. We love you Ally.”

- Kelly, Liam and Ryan

“I have had the pleasure of watching Grateful Acres become a dream to a beautifully orchestrated reality. Ally has put her heart and soul into this project lined with nothing but love. The term “care” farm is almost too light of a name, because Ally adds the deepest commitment and passion to her farm, along with tender loving “care”.  The community didn’t know how much they needed this little piece of Heaven and now they have a slice of Heaven on earth!”

- Sueann H.

“Grateful Acres I recommend to so many people. Why?  The animals are amazing, cute, silly, chill, calming.  Most all  of the animals have names that they respond to. The personalities are great . Among my favorite are the pigs,  I love them! They bring a smile to my face every time .

All the animals are wonderful.

When I’m at grateful acres I always feel welcome. There is just a great feeling in the air. My grandkids have volunteered there to help out and love it.  They’ve actually reached out to friend to join in the next time we go. Aside from the animals Aly has various events to bring folks together at the farm story time, yoga, barre, and more.  I love the connection to community and promoting personal well-being .

You can come off a crazy day and capture the calmness and positivity of the farm. Great for all ages!”

- Lesley Frost, Personal, Group Fitness & Wellness Coach

“Grateful Acres is a wonderful addition to our community! Ally has opened her heart and farm to help so many feel like they belong. This Care Farm offers much needed therapy, community and positivity!  It’s a breath of fresh air! So proud to be your friend!”

- Danielle Arabis

“The best part of Grateful Acres is, without a doubt, the unconditional love experienced here. I volunteer to help the farm, yet always leave Grateful Acres with a renewed sense of hope. Ally has created a wonderful care farm – one that promotes both healing and inner peace.”

- Michele Stecca